Refibra, S.A. of C.V., began operations in Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico in 1958 as Recuperadora de Cuero, S.A. of C.V., being the first company in Latin America of its kind. Aware of the high quality requirements of its clients, Refibra has developed bonded leather to satisfy and surpass the highest standards of quality.
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    • Heel material specially designed for the manufacture of stacked heels. Its composition makes it ideal for the cutting and shaping of heels, giving a finished surface suitable for dyeing and polishing.
    • Materials
    • Superlefa
    • Lefa W
    • Lefa TAC



    • Material for the manufacture of insoles, bonded leather gives great properties of flexibility and resistance resulting in a comfortable and fresh feeling shoe.
    • Materials
    • Lefacel



    • Bonded leather finished (painted) insoles are the closest alternative to leather. They are painted with leather finishing products, giving the look, feel, smell and transpiration of leather.
    • Materials
    • Lefa VN
    • Lefa VNX



    • Material for the manufacture of outsoles for Ladies, Gentlemen and Children shoes. Its high abrasion resistance and natural leather look, makes it an excellent alternative to natural leather sole at a fraction of the price.
    • Materials
    • Solum



    • Bonded leather is an excellent product for the manufacture of insoles in gentlemen and ladies shoes and work boots
    • Materials
    • Superlefa Extra
    • Lefa W Extra



    • Material for welts, Its high Vegetable tanned leather fiber content helps for easy machining, embossing and dyeing in the manufacturing process.
    • Materials
    • Lefa CER



    • Material for counters with excellent properties for skiving and shaping. Its flexibility and strength ratio result in perfect shaped counters with a good shape memory.
    • Materials
    • Lefa CF